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Would you benefit from Personal Training?

Posted on November 17th, by admicc in All About Personal Training. Comments Off on Would you benefit from Personal Training?

Personal Training is when you have a qualified experienced trainer with you taking you through a workout one on one.

The main benefits of personal training are:

• You will achieve more in your workouts, you will work up to 50% harder without realizing it with a trainer next to you motivating you and simply by being there we as people naturally want to do more than is expected of us. By training more intensely this is one of the main drivers for results, it’s not how long you work out but more the quality you put into your workouts that counts.
• You will be safe as your trainer has all the industry, anatomy and physiological training to understand how to not only work around or rehabilitate injuries but to also have you train smart to avoid any potential injuries while you do the best quality workouts you can manage.
• You will be much more regular with your workouts, you are likely to be at least 30% more regular with your workouts with a trainer. This is due to the fact that when you have an appointment its less likely for things to creep into your workout time and you also know that someone is waiting for you at the Fitness Centre with a planned workout that you don’t have to think about just do. This is a key driver in your results, obviously turning up more regularly you get more results.
• You will have someone helping you with your nutrition, even though not technically a nutritionist a personal trainer does complete extensive nutrition training during their careers, this is due to the fact that you can double your results if you monitor what your putting in as well as what you are putting out in training. 90% of people only need and really benefit from having a basic food diary for a while until healthy eating options become second nature and someone to advise them each week which your trainer can easily do as part of your relationship with them.
• You will have someone to call and rely on for any information for your health and fitness plus someone that can tailor your training to what your goals are and what stage your life is at with access to the almost infinite training options that the Your Life Fitness Centre Facility provides with the massive amount of equipment and purpose built training zones.
• You can also save money by doing group sessions or in pairs with a trainer or with our 360X PT session, see reception for more details if you would rather a small group or pairs. Whilst this saves money the above one on one scenario is more beneficial as the trainer can focus on you as an individual every session rather than focusing on 2 individuals that may be very different in goals or communication styles.

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