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Your Life Kids Fitness Fitness Classes

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YOUR LIFE KIDS is specifically designed for children aged between 5 years and 12 years of age, the focus is around agility and functional training that’s appropriate for this ages group. Activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle and enhance the child’s enjoyment of the other sports they play by becoming physically more capable are the main goals of this class.

I’m not very coordinated on the dance floor so what’s this class like to follow for first timers?
Challenge Level: 1/10 

Did you know that besides the fact that you will learn and get better at this class each time that part of our training as group fitness instructors is that we teach the easier options so where a class may be challenging we teach options during that part of the class so that if your still getting used to the class you can keep up at your own level so you don’t feel left out. A classic example is if we were doing a class where the new move was involving a little jump or hop there would usually be an option of a low impact such as walking the move through till you feel comfortable to try the harder level or in BODYPUMP you simply start with light weights and work up to more as you improve!)

How fit do I have to be?
Challenge Level: 3/10 

Did you know that one of the main benefits of Les Mills classes is that they are pre choreographed meaning that it is the same music, moves and class style for 3 months before changing so chances are if you didn’t get it the first time each class from there will only get better for you as you learn!

What direct Health component does this class achieve for you or Focus on?
Fitness, co-ordination, posture/core 

 What other class types is it like? Kid Fit, GI Kids, Gecko Kids, Kids classes.

If You Like this style you might also like these classes that have similar health goals: BODY BALANCE and YOGA – Only with an adult present at these optional classes.

Tips: For your first class arrive 10 mins early to have a talk with reception or the class instructor so we can talk you through what’s going to happen in the class. Make sure you have a towel, water bottle and good quality running or cross training footwear. Bags can be placed to the side of back of the class room so feel free to bring any other items you may need such as a spare towel or deodorant/toiletries.


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