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Policies & Introduction to Your Life Fitness Centre Kids Creche

We have the largest kids minding facility that’s climate controlled out of any fitness centre in Port Macquarie, with plenty of staff we aim to provide a happy and safe environment for your children to interact and play so you can complete your workouts. Our ultimate goal is for children to look forward to coming to our crèche so that your workouts stay regular.

Open hours: 8.30am to 11.30am & 4pm to 7pm Monday To Fridays, Saturdays 8am to 12, No Crèche on Sundays.
Cost: $1 per child per time paid at reception.
Staff experience: All our staff have a minimum Senior First Aid certificate and experience with children, some of our team have family day care qualifications and other tertiary qualifications. Most Crèche staff are also parents as we find “Life experience” Is also good to have in this role of caring your little one’s

We aim to provide a safe, comfortable, welcoming environment for babies and children to play with caring supervision, giving you piece of mind while you exercise.
We ask that you sign your child/children in and out of the book provided in the crèche when arriving and leaving. This helps the staff to remember new children’s names and gives you the opportunity to list any allergies or special needs of your child.  As well as noting any allergies or special needs in the sign in book, it is also important to inform the staff on duty in the crèche of the situation so they may manage it to the best of their ability.

We are happy for children to eat and drink in the crèche. It can help to form a routine, and small children in particular like regular meals and snacks to fuel their activity. To meet the health and safety needs of some children in the crèche we ask that you please do not pack nuts, nut products, eggs or sesame seeds. 

Please write your child’s name on their water bottle and food to avoid any confusion. If, in an attempt to get out the door in time for your favorite class, you forget to we provide a marker and masking tape in the crèche for you to label any bits and pieces.

Sickness Policy: Your Life aims to prevent the spread of infectious diseases within the centre.  In order to provide the safest possible environment we must exclude children from attending the crèche when they:
• have a severe cough with a fever
• have excessive green or yellow discharge from the nose
• have infectious or yellow or green discharge from the eyes or ears
• have diarrhea
• are vomiting or have had a vomiting bug in the past 24 hours
• have a generalized rash
• have enlarged or tender lymph glands
• appear  very unwell and may need to see a doctor
• are too unwell to participate in normal activities
• may have any other infectious disease
• We have a 2 hour time limit on kids staying in the crèche, we find that after this time it’s a little too much for our little people.

A special note to first timers, please be aware that some children will just stay in the minding environment instantly while other take longer to adjust depending on how they are feeling, if they normally go to any sort of care or other family regularly and their unique personalities. Our team will aim to assist with making the transition comfortable for both child and parent as our team deal with new comers every week. Please do not feel dis heartened if your child does happen to take a little time or even a few visits to settle as this does happen sometime and is no one’s fault, our crèche team and reception will do their best to work with you as we have the same goal as you – for your child to be happy and for you to work out regularly.

We ask that children on antibiotics wait at least 24 hours from starting the treatment before returning to the crèche to ensure the infection is no longer contagious.
We realize this may cause some inconvenience, particularly through the winter months, however we are committed to the safety of every child in the crèche as well as that of the staff and members at Your Life.

Complaints Policy: If you are unhappy with any area of the crèche we encourage you to speak either with the staff in the crèche, or if you feel uncomfortable doing this you may speak with the staff on reception. We aim to deal with all complaints in a professional manner and try to resolve any problems as soon as possible. If you feel that your complaint has not been addressed properly, or wish for your complaint to remain anonymous you should let us know by emailing gavin@yourlifefitnesscentre.com.au