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How Many Times a week should I workout?
As a general rule any exercise is better than none but we have also found that with one or two there are minimal results, 3 or 4 times a week delivers good results and is the most manageable when you take into consideration our busy lives. If you manage to achieve higher than the 3 times a week consider it a bonus and feel good about it however remember that rest is a crucial part of improving your physical health so we always recommend having 1 day off from training in a 7 day week to recover properly.

What do I need to bring?
A towel for putting on the equipment, covered in shoes preferably joggers or sports shoes and a water bottle.

What types of training do I need and why?
We recommend a variety of exercise types for balanced and vibrant health! Generally we find best results around doing Weights 2 or 3 times a week for about 45 to 60 mins at a time, cardio 3 or 4 times a week and 1 or 2 times a week of flexibility, core or wellness training. You can combine these into the one session a good plan looks like this as a very general example:

Monday: CXWORX & Body COMBAT (Core & Cardio)
Tuesday: Weights program with Cardiovascular training (Strength training & Cardio)
Wednesday: YOGA (Core, Wellness and Flexibility)
Thursday: Weights program with Cardiovascular training (Strength training & Cardio)
Friday: GRIT Strength & Cardiovascular training on equipment (Core & Cardio)
Saturday: Body PUMP (optional extra) (Strength training)
Sunday: Rest

Examples of training styles:
Strength training – Weights training, Body PUMP, 360X Personal Training. Add here GRIT Strength
Cardiovascular Training – Body STEP, Body ATTACK, Body COMBAT, Body VIVE, GRIT strength, 360X Boxing CT, RPM, Your CYCLE and Cardio equipment such as treadmills, bikes and X Trainers.
Flexibility, Core & Wellness training – CXWORX, GRIT strength, Your YOGA, Body BALANCE,
Good examples of these 3 fundamental training types and the benefits of these sorts of training are below, at Your Life Fitness Centre we offer all of these under the one roof for very little cost enabling
you to achieve much more and much faster.

Do I need to push myself?
The first 4 weeks you just need to turn up and do the best you can, your body will start to adapt as you get used to the new lifestyle and form a habit that’s lasting, as time goes on to maximise your results you will need to challenge yourself, remember if you don’t change anything for example increase your weights, how far you push yourself with cardio or the types of exercise you do then nothing changes. You need to coach your body to physically change, if it was easy then everyone would have the perfect body and you wouldn’t need personal trainers or Fitness Centres to coach you to your goals. Nothing good like a good body comes easy, see reception or your trainer to find the right workouts for your that fit in with your lifestyle and that you enjoy so the process becomes fun and easily a part of your life.

Is nutrition important?
Nutrition is half the battle, you can double your results and how fast they are achieved by the right food, contact reception today to get a start on your food diary and plans with a qualified personal trainer today.
90% of people only need and really benefit from having a basic food diary for a while until healthy eating options become second nature and someone to advise them each week which your trainer can easily do as part of your relationship with them.

Ask for help!
We have qualified trainers that are ready to help you whenever you need it within staffed hours, please contact reception whenever you need to by phone or in person for advice. Outside of normal hours in the 24hr windows of time we still offer an email service for information, we aim to respond within 48 hours to your questions and we are happy to make a time to talk.

Book it In and Plan!
You will be more than 30%-70% more successful in achieving results if you can maintain regularity in your workouts from week to week not just on a day to day basis, we recommend that you book in your iphone or diary when your workouts will happened for the week ahead every Sunday or Friday as part of your weeks plan. Most of us don’t, however our health is so important that it seems strange that we will rarely avoid a service on our car however we don’t even book what’s most important to us and that’s the health of this vehicle called “your  body” and if its not maintained and breaks down then you have real problems! Do yourself a favor and book in with importance your health improving workouts in advance, this way you will stick to them and achieve more results. They should be as important of an appointment as any others you make during the week if not more so. The other benefit in this planning and reminder setting as appointments for your workouts is it will start to cause a routine of exercise which spills into you thinking about your overall health daily and you will find you start to unconsciously change your eating, smoking or other health habits for as you start to improve the choices of not looking after your health become less appealing to you as you become more engaged in the results you are experiencing.  By planning you will also avoid the pit falls of missing workouts as you will remember to pack your workout clothes when you make the appointments rather than forget them and then miss your workout, you will also beable to realistically assess your week and you may find some weeks you fit in more workouts and some a less but at least you have a plan for your health. Remember someone once said “If you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail”

Consider Personal Training
Personal training does have an extra cost, however have a look at our personal training tab for the benefits. Sometimes if you “New” to fitness its beneficial to spend a little money beyond your initial program so you can learn more skills to enhance your own workouts by doing a few sessions with a trainer even If you don’t want to have a trainer long term. Just be upfront with your trainer with what you want, theres nothing wrong with saying “I am really new, I want to know how to use most of the pieces of equipment, could you train me once a week for 5 weeks as I don’t want a long term plan.” A lot of people will have a trainer they have rapport with who maybe they have done a few sessions with and keep in contact but only do a session every now and then or touch base for advice. Personal Trainers and our reception team are keen to share knowledge to educate you on achieving a greater health status than you have today so don’t be shy!