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Shape Shifter Challenge 2021


Registrations are open for our January 2022 Challenge! 


Start date: Monday 17th January 2022

Finish date: Monday 14th March 2022


Our 8 week challenge is based on a point system where you receive points for percentage of  weight lost, measurements dropped & muscle gained. To keep you motivated throughout the 8 weeks, you can also gain points during the challenge for participating in classes, visiting the gym for your own workout & for participating in weekly challenges. Our winners are based on the most points gained at the end of the challenge.

You have two options to choose from for your entry into the challenge…



Over $500 worth of value!

-x1 Group PT session per week. Your weekly spot in this class will be secured upon completing your registration form (first in best dressed). Please note that there will be no option to swap to other classes during the 8 Weeks. You may only attend the session time you book. We are currently taking bookings for the following time slots;

Mondays 4:20pm – 5:05pm 

Wednesdays 6am – 6:45am 

Fridays 6am – 6:45am 

Saturdays 8:15am – 9am

(Min of 15 people need to book for class to go ahead). 

-x2 Fit 3D body scans for the start & end of the challenge with emailed report of measurements, 3D body image, body fat %, muscle mass and more in a non-invasive scan. Your before & after photos will also be taken at this time with your permission.

-8 Week Meal Plan with two different calorie options & a breakdown of calories and nutritional content for each meal. This also includes a detailed Nutrition Ebook to give you all of the education you need to meet your nutritional needs throughout the 8 weeks & beyond. You will also have the opportunity to contact our Nutritionist via phone or email as often as you need throughout the challenge. 

-Eligible for prizes. Prizes are based on a point system that takes into consideration not only your results over the 8 weeks but your participation.

-Training Ebook with goal setting, workout ideas, example exercise plans based on specific goals and plus ongoing support from Your Life’s qualified Personal Trainers.

-Access to the ‘Shape Shifter’ support private Facebook group.

-The option to be assigned an ‘accountability buddy’ to keep you motivated throughout the 8 weeks. 

Info session/Q&A at the start (Fri July 30th 5:30pm) & middle of the challenge (online) answering all of your questions & covering topics from nutrition to goal setting to how to read your Fit3D body scans. 

Weekly workout challenges. 

-Exclusive YLFC Merch Pack.

Fitness test completed at the start & end of the challenge to track your fitness progress. 



-Everything in option 1 extra group PT session per week. 


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A huge THANK YOU to our proud 2021 Sponsors who have been generous enough to sponsor prizes for our Shape Shifter Challenge! 

-Project Goddess

-PeakFace Colab Cafe

-Ken Little Fruit & Veg

-Zambrero – Mexican on a Mission

-Al’s Bakehouse Bakery: Wauchope

-Janelle Catana Massage Therapist 

-Serenity Make up & Beauty

-The Burger Rebellion

-Sports Power Port Macquarie 

-Dorvik The Steel Centre 

+ prizes from Your Life Fitness Centre prizes & more sponsors to be announced soon! 


Want to know what our past Shape Shifters have to say? 

“I set a personal goal of losing 10 kilos, which I achieved, and a bit more! Weekly PT with Kel challenged me and improved my overall fitness, her guidance and expertise gave me the tools to train more effectively and stay motivated. The Saturday group sessions with the other members made exercising fun. Something I never thought I would say.

Jessie and the other Your Life staff were supportive and encouraging each week, always happy to answer questions and have a chat. This is a great challenge, I have never felt more healthy, strong and motivated. I recommend the Shape shifter challenge to anyone who wants to push themselves for a personal best.” 

-Kylie Ryan

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“This is the first challenge I’ve ever completed and I loved every part of it. The staff are very friendly which creates an awesome atmosphere. I highly recommend for any age or fitness level. Very happy with my results, bring on the next challenge. I enjoyed the whole experience!” 

-Fee Cochrane 







Fee had excellent results during the challenge with a loss of 6.2kg of fat (7.4% body fat percentage drop!), 11.1cm reduction in her waist, a 7.7cm reduction in her hips and a huge improvement in her fitness level! 

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“Over the years I have been to a few different gyms and always found myself getting bored of the same old routines in the classes and not getting results I was after. However, I had done a few different Bootcamp style training sessions that I really loved because you never know what’s coming, so you give it your all. When I moved back home from university, mid 2017, my health was my number one priority. I needed to get myself back in shape. That’s where the Shape Shifter Challenge comes into play for me. I joined the 2017 Shapeshifter Challenge with the goal of losing weight, a few kilos here and there. But I achieved so much more. I made new friends, my attitude towards a healthy lifestyle changed and I began to feel so much happier, healthier and more confident in myself and my body. Over the course of the challenge Kel and Jessie always took the time to have a chat about my progress and always offered help and guidance were I needed it in relation to my training and nutrition. Also I was continually motivated by the trainers and other members to push harder and to go that little bit further to reach my goals in sessions and in the weekly challenges. Little did I know that motivation and laughter during group training sessions would lead me to lose 10kg+, and completely change my body shape in just 12 weeks. There’s not a better bunch of trainers and fellow gym members to shed the sweat and kilos with!”

-Tenika Reed 

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“I have been a member of Your Life Fitness for a couple of years now but I never really out in much effort. I decided to join the 12 week Shape Shifter Challenge in Feb 2019 and man with it the best decision I have ever made! 

Thanks to the great nutritional advice from Jessie and the expert group training sessions with Kel, I managed to lose 10kg and 42cm over the 12 weeks. I started looking forward to our group PT sessions with my fellow Shape Shifters! The SS challenge was the kick start I needed to get me on the right track to a healthier lifestyle and I can’t wait for the next one.”

-Marnie Hogan 

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“As recommended from my Dr & Physio, I joined Your Life in Nov 2017 & would come sometimes twice a week, maybe three times but often would make an excuse not to go if it was cold or if I was tired etc and I would never come out with a red face. 

I watched two Shape Shifter Competitions come & go & thought to myself “that sounds cool but that’d only be for fit people and that’s not me.” It wasn’t until I asked Paul about the Shape Shifter Competition and he said “Yeah, you can do it!” So he talked my sister 7 I into doing the Feb 2019 competition. 

We both succeeded in completing the competition & have achieved great results physically & psychologically that we are very happy with. It has changed my way of thinking so much. I now want to come to the gym & am disappointed if I have to miss it. We now come to the gym consistently, 4 times per week. 

The nutrition support from Jessie was great, very encouraging and helpful. The group PT sessions were lots of fun and also another way to be encouraged by others & make new friends. 

Marnie & I also did PT sessions with Kel & Jessie as well as the group PTs with Kel. This is also another thing I watched others do & thought “Nah, that looks too hard for me.” There PT sessions have been so worthwhile and we have continued them after the challenge finished. 

Marnie & I couldn’t have made these changes without being accountable to the challenge 7 especially without the encouragement of Jessie & Kel. We are ever so grateful for everything. 

P.s Now we always come out of the gym with a red face!!!” 

-Danielle de Silva 

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